Who We Are

Dear viewer,

This is Rohit, the founder of ‘Studio The Art’. Photography is not a profession, it is an art. To me, photos are our companions for life-from the time we enter this beautiful world till the time we leave it. Photography brings out the real essence of all that is wordly and beyond. It makes every moment of our life special.

Since my childhood photography has been one of my dearest passions. After completing my higher education from a very reputed college, I had many career options open to me. But, in spite of many fulfilling options, I chose to pursue my ultimate passion-photography, with support of my family.

Thus, my journey in this field began. After years of hard work and struggle, I decided to take out my dream professionally. Thus, ’Studio The Art’ came into existence. It had the distinction of being the first digital studio in Bihar (now Bihar and Jharkhand). Dreams do come true, as it happened in my case.

Life has often taught me that whatever you do, do it with your full zeal, honesty and effort. This is exactly what we do at ‘Studio The Art’. We take pride in serving you and strive to serve you with the best. You can always be assured that we will never let you down.

It has been nearly two decades since Studio The Art’s journey began. over this course of time, I have seen many ups and downs. But, due to your continuous support, we have been able to set new standards in the field of digital photography. Many people have give us opportunity to serve them in this journey of ours. So come, be a part of this journey with us and experience the real art of photography and be another pillar in our mission to propagate quality photography.

Finally, I can assure you that whenever we get the chance to serve you, we will give our best, so that our work forever captures your memorable moments and make them- ‘kuch haseen lamhen jindagi ke’.

Thank you